From Debilitating Chronic Pain to Immense Relief: A New Option for Diabetic Neuropathy

Dale W., 71, faced severe diabetic leg pain over the last year. As his pain increased, he began to wake up at night, and his daily life grew increasingly difficult. He pursued pain management options, but nothing was available to adequately relieve the pain in his feet.

After being referred to OrthoSC, pain management expert Dr. Erin Watson suggested that Dale undergo the new, FDA-approved Nevro spinal cord stimulator trial.

Eager to sleep and walk normally again, Dale agreed to do the 7-day trial in December 2021.

In this trial process, Dr. Watson placed the stimulator implant in Dale’s back for a temporary period, where they could evaluate any changes in his conditions.

Recently approved by the FDA to treat peripheral diabetic neuropathy, the stimulator provides patients with a new treatment for debilitating, chronic pain without the use of medication.

For Dale, he experienced immediate relief from his constant pain, so his care team decided to move forward with the permanent implant under the expert treatment of fellowship-trained orthopedic spine surgeon Dr. Gene Massey.

“Spinal cord stimulation can be a great option for patients with severe, painful diabetic peripheral neuropathy,” said Dr. Massey. “Nevro utilizes high-frequency stimulation (called HF10), which helps target the intense pain and weakness in the feet.”

In January 2022, Dale had the permanent Nevro stimulator placed by Dr. Massey.

“My feet felt like you were driving nails through them,” said Dale after 3 months of life with the implant. “I don’t have that sharp pain anymore, and my sleep is a lot better. Dr. Massey and Dr. Watson did a tremendous job.”

Dale enjoys his days restoring classic cars and living his life with relief from chronic foot pain.

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