At OrthoSC, we take your pain and recovery seriously.

To help provide relief, select non-narcotic medications are available on-site for cash as a convenience to patients. This cash pharmacy is only available at our Urgent Care locations in Myrtle Beach – Market Common and North Myrtle Beach.

Prescription-strength, non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory (NSAID) medications such as Celebrex, Voltaren, and Mobic  $25
Steroid dose packs  $25
Gabapentin used to help control nerve pain  $25
Acid reflux medications used in conjunction with some NSAIDs  $25
Nausea medication used in conjunction with some pain medications  $25
Prescription-strength topical pain control patches or cream  $120

In addition, we also offer the same pharmacy items to workers' compensation patients at all of our locations. This allows quick access to the same medications without having to wait at the pharmacy for authorization from your workers' compensation carrier. 

For questions, please call us at (843) 353-3460.