Local Woman Keeps Dancing After Historical AI Surgery With Dr. Peter Ramsey

This spring, a groundbreaking AI-assisted hip replacement surgery took place in South Carolina, performed by fellowship-trained joint replacement specialist Dr. Peter Ramsey. The patient, Rosemary F., a vibrant and passionate 73-year-old ballroom and Latin dancer, was about to embark on a journey that would enable her to continue living her best life.

Rosemary's love for dance began at the age of 50, after two decades of traveling the world as an avid skier. She embraced dancing with unwavering enthusiasm and quickly became an integral part of the dance community, participating in competitions and showcase events across various cities, including Las Vegas, Orlando, New York City, Boston, Washington, D.C., New Jersey, and her newest home base of Myrtle Beach. Not only did she hone her skills, but she also founded the Palmetto Performers, a 52-member dance team with a mission to bring joy to others through their performances at assisted living centers.

However, Rosemary's passion for dance was facing a significant challenge. Over the years, her hips deteriorated to the point of bone-on-bone contact, leading to severe pain and difficulty in performing her cherished dance routines. X-rays confirmed the reduction of cartilage in her hips, even though she had diligently worked with her chiropractor, Dr. Pat Martin, to maintain proper alignment and alleviate discomfort. While TYLENOL® and over-the-counter medications provided temporary relief, the pain persisted, pushing Rosemary to consider hip replacement surgery.

The turning point came when Rosemary found herself relying on a cane and having to take a break from dancing, which was a true testament to her commitment to her passion. Encouraged by a friend's successful hip replacement experience at OrthoSC and numerous recommendations for Dr. Ramsey, Rosemary decided it was time to take action.

On March 22, 2023, Rosemary underwent the first AI-assisted hip replacement surgery in South Carolina thanks to the expertise of Dr. Ramsey. Performed at the Conway Medical Center, the same-day surgical care experience was exceptional.

“My experience was very good with the staff and surgery,” said Rosemary. “The OrthoSC staff and Dr. Ramsey's nurse [and] scheduler (Amanda) were very responsive to any questions I had.”

Following the surgery, Rosemary's recovery process exceeded her expectations. “I started walking immediately but slowly inside the house, then outside,” she said. “After 2 weeks, I walked much better.”

After just four weeks, Rosemary slowly and carefully resumed dancing. Her dedication to maintaining her physical health and the support of Pilates practitioner Susan Milosky were instrumental in her swift rehabilitation process.

Today, Rosemary is living her dream once again. Thanks to the successful hip replacement surgery and her determination, Rosemary is not only back on her feet but also back on the dance floor, gracefully inspiring others to embrace life and pursue their passions with enthusiasm.

The overall experience Rosemary had with OrthoSC, from treatment to recovery, was so rewarding that she will come back to OrthoSC again. “I am having my right hip replaced [this winter] with Dr. Ramsey.”

If hip or knee pain is keeping you from your dance floor, whether it’s in your living room, at a loved one’s wedding, or in front of joyful fans, our experts at OrthoSC can help. Call (843) 353-3460 today or make an appointment online to speak with our joint replacement specialists and find out your best joint pain solution.