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Looking to provide your employees with high-quality, best-practice orthopedic care at a lower cost? Look no further!

OrthoSC can provide everything you need to take care of your people through:

Our Surgeons: The best outcomes start with the best-trained surgeons

Our Cost: Highly competitive, lower than most, and transparent

Our Coordination of Care: From beginning to end of your employees’ care

Our High-Quality Outcomes: Return your employees to work

Our Communication: To keep both you and your employees informed

Our Convenient Locations: Five clinics and two surgery centers serving the entire Grand Strand

Telehealth Option

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Surgeons

All of our surgeons are specialty- or fellowship-trained and are recognized orthopedic specialists in the region. When your employee is seen by one of our experts, know that they are being treated by an experienced doctor who is focused on and dedicated to delivering orthopedic excellence.

If surgery is ever needed, these experts utilize a multipronged approach including minimally invasive surgical techniques, robotic-assisted procedures, improved anesthesia, and pain management with immediate rehabilitation to promote a rapid recovery from surgery for their return to everyday activities and work.

Meet Our Surgeons

Our Cost

The key to a successful outpatient surgery starts with clinical excellence, a commitment to safety, and superb patient satisfaction. We consistently provide all that and, by shifting surgical procedures to our surgery center, do it at lower cost—typically about 30% less than if provided in a hospital. Our costs, whether for a single office visit or a surgery package, are available for public review. In general, all surgery packages include the surgeon's fee, the facility fees, and anesthesia/anesthesiologist fees.

Surgery Packages

For more information on additional surgical packages, please contact Ann Vennell at (854) 854-9902 or email: ann.vennell@orthosc.org

Our Coordination of Care

This begins when the care does. Our surgical program is designed to be efficient, convenient, and offer your employees options wherever possible. Our Nurse Navigator is ready to guide your employees through the pre-op process, surgery, and recovery with education and support designed to keep them informed and engaged. This coordination allows us to customize care while still maintaining our high standards of quality and efficiency. This high-touch care results in consistently and exceptionally high patient satisfaction.

Our High-Quality Outcomes

Our joint replacement surgery program provided in our outpatient surgery center combines all that’s important to you and your employees. We typically outperform national benchmarks in: 

  • Day of surgery cancellations
  • Return to OR for additional surgery
  • Postoperative complications

Our Communication with Your Employees

We are dedicated to helping reduce the anxiety that often accompanies surgery by keeping them well informed. Through patient education, consistent protocols, and a technology system called CareSense, we focus on answering every question or concern a patient may have. Our Nurse Navigator will reach out for additional teaching and be available for questions or concerns.

Our Communication with You

We will ensure timely completion of any necessary paperwork both for any time out of work and for a timely return.

Our Convenient Locations

We offer five convenient locations across the Grand Strand to make care accessible and easy.

Our Surgery Centers

Carolina Bone & Joint Surgery Center is a state-of-the-art outpatient orthopedic facility with over 25 participating surgeons. Since early 2017, our surgeons have been shifting surgeries from the hospital to this setting whenever clinically appropriate to do so and have performed over 1,000 joint replacement procedures with consistently excellent outcomes. It is a safe, convenient, high-quality alternative to the hospital setting that combines reduced costs and infection risk with a proven increase in patient satisfaction.

Additionally, Carolina Coast Surgery Center is conveniently located in Murrells Inlet. There, the entire team works together to provide high-level, efficient service, with limited waiting time. Experienced and specialty-trained, the staff and providers offer reassurance, personal attention, and top-quality care to all patients and families. Accredited by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC), they deliver the best care possible by meeting and exceeding AAAHC standards for high-quality healthcare.

Telehealth Option

OrthoSC is committed to making the patient experience as smooth and convenient as possible. That's why we are proud to offer Telehealth (video) appointments. If an employee lives out of the area or is unable to travel, we will be glad to set up a Telehealth (video) appointment, if appropriate.

Request a Telehealth Appointment

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Myrtle Beach for surgery?
Myrtle Beach has beautiful scenic views, wonderful weather, and a tremendous variety of amenities and things to do. It is the premier destination to receive your orthopedic care and was recently named America’s #3 most popular destination by Tripadvisor in 2021!

Who can I contact for additional information?
Please contact Ann Vennell by email: ann.vennell@orthosc.org or by phone: (854) 854-9902. She will be glad to help you with next steps and answer any questions you may have.

What are the first steps?
Contact us so we can learn more about what you need. We’ll be glad to work with you to design the safest, most cost-effective treatment plan based on where you live and what care you may have already received.

  • If you live locally, you can see one of our providers for an assessment and work with him/her to create a treatment plan.
  • If you’re out of town, we can work together to design the best and most cost-effective treatment plan including travel and accommodation suggestions.

How will the surgeon be selected?
They will be selected based on the surgery needed and the physician’s area of expertise.

How will the facility be selected?
It will be selected based on the surgery needed and your medical history, both of which contribute to the treatment plan.

What is included in the “surgical package” fee?
OrthoSC’s surgical package includes all procedure expenses such as surgeon, the facility, anesthesia, and anesthesiologist’s fees.

Is follow up care available?
OrthoSC will be glad to discuss setting up follow-up care here in the Grand Strand area if the patient lives or is staying locally. If patient is returning home out of the area, we will be glad to communicate and coordinate with chosen health care professionals back at home.

What methods of payment are accepted?
Payment is expected before the date of surgery with a credit card, debit card, or Health Savings Account payment.

If I don’t live in the Grand Strand area:

  • How will travel and accommodations be handled?
    We will be glad to provide information to help with travel, accommodations, or amenities available in the Grand Strand upon request.
  • How long will I need to stay before traveling home?
    It varies with the procedure, but typically, patients should plan to stay from a few days to 2 weeks. 
  • What can I have done locally at home and what must be done there?
    We can guide what is needed for any specific procedure including any pre-operative testing or medical clearances and for therapy or follow up visits afterward.