Online Guide to Joint Replacement

Committed to helping alleviate chronic joint issues and restoring your active lifestyle, our team of specialized experts at OrthoSC is dedicated to providing compassionate care and effective solutions.

Led by OrthoSC’s renowned joint replacement doctors, including Dr. Brian Blair, Dr. Michael Bohan, Dr. Justin Brothers, Dr. J. Clark Butler, Dr. Thomas Chambers, Dr. Nathaniel Evans, Dr. J. Christopher Gayton, Dr. Max Gehrman, Dr. James Merritt, Dr. Edward Mikol, Dr. Tyler Noble, Dr. Peter Ramsey, and Dr. Todd Tupis, we offer comprehensive treatment options for urgent and chronic hip, knee, and shoulder problems. Utilizing advanced techniques and leading-edge procedures, such as outpatient joint replacement and the VELYS™ Robotic-Assisted Solution, our experienced orthopedic surgeons ensure a swift and safe return to your passions.

We collaborate closely with each patient, therapy providers, and caregivers, offering personalized guidance and unwavering support throughout the entire process. Our Online Guide to Joint Replacement exists to help you better understand your care options, treatment expectations, and strategies for maintaining long-term joint health.

Get Stronger Working Together With Our Team

Break free from joint pain and start your journey to better living by consulting with one of our total joint care doctors at OrthoSC. Our expertly trained, dedicated joint replacement specialists will work with you to find the source of your pain or limitation and provide the solutions you need now. 

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