Dr. Alexander Pappas Treats His 100th Total Ankle Replacement Patient

Alexander J. Pappas, M.D., of OrthoSC in Carolina Forest, Conway and Murrells Inlet, will perform his 100th total ankle replacement procedure on Thursday, April 25. To learn more about Dr. Pappas or the services he offers, call (843) 236-3222. Dr. Pappas is available to see patients in need of specialized foot and ankle care at the practice’s Carolina Forest location in Myrtle Beach at 210 Village Center Blvd., Suite 200. 

Total ankle replacement has been a rarer form of joint replacement and serves as an alternative to ankle fusion surgery. Recent advancements in technology have increased its effectiveness, efficiency and popularity, and many of Dr. Pappas’ patients have become benefactors of this procedure. His 100th total ankle replacement, scheduled for April 25 at Grand Strand Medical Center, will mark a milestone for Dr. Pappas, who has been helping Grand Strand residents return to their active lifestyles since 2008. During the procedure, Dr. Pappas will use a Wright™ Total Ankle System, which allows him to provide customized implants and precise surgical plans for optimal accuracy and high-performance new ankles.

Benefits of total ankle replacement include:

  • Pain relief from arthritis.
  • More natural movement than other procedures.
  • Earlier return to walking and activities compared to other procedures.

“Ankle replacement is such a great option for patients with degenerative disorders in their ankles, and I’m proud to offer a way to help those patients regain and maintain their mobility and quality of life,” says Dr. Pappas. “It has been the highest privilege to work with such a great support team and to see so many individuals we’ve cared for get back to doing what they love. I definitely look forward to performing advanced and effective procedures like total ankle replacement for years to come and see even more patients reclaim their active lifestyles.”

For more information on Dr. Pappas and OrthoSC or to schedule an appointment, call (843) 236-3222 or request an appointment online.